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Staying on track with your medication can be a challenge. Learn common reasons patients miss their doses and strategies for sticking to a schedule.

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Healthcare provider reviewing medications with patient
Today, most cases of hepatitis C can be treated at home with oral antiviral medications that target what makes people with the disease sick. Learn how these medications work.
A woman looking at her Humana Pharmacy Rx label
The look of your medication may change sometimes. Learn why this happens and what you should do if your medication looks different.
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Blood pressure medications are a part of the antihypertensive family of drugs. Learn how they help lower high blood pressure to prevent heart attack and stroke.
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We’ve expanded our shipping and delivery services with the addition of FedEx to Humana Pharmacy®.
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Have questions about your prescription label? We’ll show you how to read all of these lines and boxes to find the information you need.