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high blood pressure
Keeping track of your blood pressure is important for your heart health. Know the symptoms and treatment options to help manage your blood pressure.

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A man working with a physical therapists to find pain relief
Melissa, one of your Humana Pharmacy clinical pharmacists, discusses the different types of pain you may experience and shares how it can be treated with and without medication
AccuChek diabetes test strips recall notice from Humana Pharmacy
Select vials of Accu-Chek Aviva Plus and SmartView test strips, which are inside sealed cartons, have opened during shipment. If your test strips arrive open, follow these steps to get them replaced.
Healthcare provider reviewing medications with patient
Today, most cases of hepatitis C can be treated at home with oral antiviral medications that target what makes people with the disease sick. Learn how these medications work.
a couple outside walking
Blood pressure medications are a part of the antihypertensive family of drugs. Learn how they help lower high blood pressure to prevent heart attack and stroke.
a person getting ready to take their insulin

Insulin Savings Program

March 22, 2021

If you use insulin, your cost could be lower, depending on your Humana plan. Learn how you may be able to keep your insulin expense affordable and predictable.