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Welcome to Humana Pharmacy®—our comprehensive approach to pharmacy services.

Humana Pharmacy is RightSource® with a new name. We have grouped all of our services together to make things easier for you. You get RightSource's well-known prescription mail delivery and specialty pharmacy services, as well as our friendly on-site pharmacies that you'll find near selected clinics.

Humana Pharmacy offers you convenience, potential cost savings, safety and accuracy!

You made a smart choice

Humana Pharmacy® includes mail delivery, specialty pharmacy and on-site pharmacy services. Humana Pharmacy will strive to meet your pharmacy needs!

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Choose these quality Humana Pharmacy services

Added convenience with mail delivery

The new Humana Pharmacy will provide the same tried and tested services RightSource has always delivered for you.

We'll mail your medications and health supplies to your home so that you won't have to travel to a drug store every month—and you may be able to save money with mail delivery pricing as well!

Enjoy the benefits of an on-site pharmacy

Humana Pharmacy offers on-site pharmacy locations to serve you. Your maintenance medicines may cost less when you order a 3 month supply from us.

Humana's on-site retail pharmacies can provide your prescription needs and diabetic supplies.

Humana Specialty Pharmacy

If you're being treated for a chronic, complex condition, Humana's specialty pharmacy offers a personalized approach. We supply specialty medications for a range of conditions such as cancer, HIV, MS or rheumatoid arthritis. Our dedicated pharmacy staff is on hand to provide one-on-one care and help with patient assistance programs.