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An image of Aspirin medications and heart health
In the past, doctors prescribed small daily doses of aspirin for patients over 50 to help prevent heart attacks. See how this recommendation has changed over time.

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What is medication adherence?
Taking your medication as prescribed is called medication adherence. It’s an easy way to treat short-term illness, manage chronic conditions and achieve your best health.
A new Humana Pharmacy customer using their cellphone to get started with managing their medications online.
Learn how to get started with Humana Pharmacy so you can easily manage your prescriptions, order refills, set your communication preferences and more.
A woman sitting outside on her porch
Seasonal affective disorder usually happens around the same time every year when the seasons change. Learn more about the causes, symptoms and treatments from Humana Pharmacy.
A couple enjoying dinner with their family and friends over the holidays
If you live with a chronic condition, your daily routine may be interrupted with the holidays. Follow these tips to celebrate the holiday safely with your family and friends.
A man and woman smile and walk outdoors, side by side, on a sunny day.
Let us introduce the Humana Specialty Pharmacy® Pulmonary Center of Excellence. This program provides personalized care and extra support to those living with a pulmonary (lung) condition.