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Learn how the Humana Specialty Pharmacy Cancer Center of Excellence provides patients with personalized care and assistance from clinical experts.

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A couple enjoying dinner with their family and friends over the holidays
If you live with a chronic condition, your daily routine may be interrupted with the holidays. Follow these tips to celebrate the holiday safely with your family and friends.
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Let us introduce the Humana Specialty Pharmacy® Pulmonary Center of Excellence. This program provides personalized care and extra support to those living with a pulmonary (lung) condition.
A woman sitting on her couch using the Humana Pharmacy mobile app to create med reminders
The latest update to the Humana Pharmacy mobile app reminds you to take your medicines at the right time—so you never miss a dose. Learn how the new feature works.
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Relief is possible for chronic diabetic nerve pain. Learn how from Humana Pharmacy screening pharmacist Debra Droopad.
A man checking the number of refills on his Humana Pharmacy prescription medicine
Save time by using the quick refill and order tracking tools on our homepage. All you need are a few details, and the best part is that no sign in is required. Let us show you how.