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Covid-19 FAQs

Apr 09, 2020

We’re committed to ensuring quality care for our customers during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Get answers to your frequently asked questions regarding the novel coronavirus.

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Happy senior woman scheduling delivery for her specialty meds

Nov 14, 2018

Humana Pharmacy® wants to make it even easier to manage your health, so now you can schedule deliveries for most specialty medicines at no additional shipping cost.

healthy eating

Oct 30, 2018

Holiday parties and meals are a fun time with family and friends, but they can be hard when you’re on a diet or diabetic. Check out our best tips for enjoying yourself while sticking to your meal plan

specialty medication

Oct 23, 2018

If you’re a Humana member requiring specialty medication, Humana Specialty Pharmacy can help. Find out how we go the extra mile to deliver medication for complex or chronic conditions.

order tracking

Oct 15, 2018

Skip signing in to check on your Humana Pharmacy prescription order! You can get up to date through email and our site, no password needed.

mobile transfer prescriptions

Oct 11, 2018

Having trouble signing in? With the Humana Pharmacy mobile app, you can transfer prescriptions, even without your password. It just takes some information and a picture.

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