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Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

Aug 28, 2020

Learn what Humana Pharmacy is doing to ensure you continue to receive your medicines on time.

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nurse kindly speaking with man

Jul 13, 2020

Learn how the Humana Specialty Pharmacy Cancer Center of Excellence provides patients with personalized care and assistance from clinical experts.

why order may get canceled

Jul 07, 2020

Depending on the situation, a prescription medicine order may be canceled. Here are some solutions to help get your medicine delivered right to your door.

Meet our expert pharmacist

Jun 12, 2020

Learn how Diane, an experienced pharmacist, has helped customers like you get high-quality care for over 13 years.

Meet our expert pharmacist

Jun 12, 2020

Get to know Aldwin, one of our expert pharmacists dedicated to helping you find answers to prescription medicine questions.

Refill vs. renew vs. expired prescriptions

May 26, 2020

Here’s a guide to learn what a refill is, how to order one and what happens if you need to renew a prescription or if the prescription is expired.

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