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2-factor authentication

Mar 09, 2021

This spring, we’re adding an extra layer of protection to your Humana Pharmacy account with 2-factor authentication. Learn how it works.

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Heart health

Feb 24, 2021

Humana Pharmacy clinical pharmacist Rebecca Gayle shares how statin medications can improve heart health and protect against heart attack and stroke.

Meet Basil a Humana Pharmacy pharmacist

Feb 17, 2021

Learn how Basil, an experienced pharmacist, helps customers achieve their best health.

Your medicine journe

Feb 10, 2021

Learn how Humana Pharmacy processes packages and ships your medicine straight to your home.

gap in care

Feb 05, 2021

Preventive screenings can help catch illnesses early and give you peace of mind. Find out what screenings you need to support your health and wellness in the new year.

Marcella Humana Pharmacy Pharmacist

Jan 27, 2021

Learn how Marcella, an experienced pharmacist, works behind the scenes to ensure customers get the medicines they need.

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