Your medicine’s journey—from first fill to your mailbox

Woman receiving her Humana Pharmacy mail-order medications at home.

When you place an order with Humana Pharmacy®, we bring the pharmacy to you. Whether it’s filling a prescription or providing over-the-counter (OTC) medicine, we offer convenient home delivery, saving you a trip to the store.

At Humana Pharmacy, we can process many types of orders. We handle brand new prescriptions, refills, prescriptions you’d like to transfer from another pharmacy and over-the-counter (OTC) items.* Each type of order has its own average processing time before it arrives at your door.

Filling a new prescription or transferring one to Humana Pharmacy

Submitting a prescription to Humana Pharmacy is quick and easy. Once you give us the prescription details, we reach out to your prescriber to confirm it. This could take up to 7 days while we wait to hear back, so it takes longer to process a new prescription in our system than it takes for a refill.

Here are the steps we take to process a new or transferred prescription:

  1. We reach out to your prescriber to confirm your prescription.
  2. We fill your prescription and have it reviewed by our trained pharmacists, who ensure you’re receiving the correct amount of medicine and that it won’t cause any safety concerns.
  3. We mail it to your door.

Expect to receive your medicine 7–10 days after we’ve confirmed your prescription with your prescriber.

Requests for specialty medicines could take longer to arrive. Due to the complexity of some specialty medicines, we will always reach out to you to schedule a delivery date and ensure you understand your treatment plan. In addition, we provide resources for financial assistance should you request it.


If your medicine has available refills from your prescriber, we’ll display those for you on your personalized homepage dashboard. We’ll also remind you when it is time to order a refill. You can complete an order online or through the mobile app. Since we already have the medicine information on file, we can immediately begin filling the prescription once you submit a refill order.

  1. We fill your prescription and continue to check your medicine for accuracy and safety.
  2. We mail it to your door.

Expect to receive your refill within 5–7 days.

OTC items

Certain Medicare customers are able to shop for OTC products, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen, at Humana Pharmacy. If this benefit is part of your Humana plan, you will receive an allowance each month or quarter to spend on OTC products.

When you place an OTC order, we confirm that you have the funds to purchase the items before starting to process your order. Depending on availability and stock of certain products, your order may take up to 14 days to arrive.

Here are the steps we take to process OTC items:

  1. We select your OTC items before placing them in secure packaging.
  2. We mail your items to you.

Expect to receive your OTC items within 10–14 days.

These are estimates, as processing times vary. If everything goes well, you could receive your order in less time.

Tracking your order

Once your prescription becomes an order in your system, it is given a unique order number. In addition, each item can be tracked online once it is shipped, so you can watch your medicine’s journey to your home. You can also sign up for mobile text alerts, which will allow you to receive order and shipping updates directly to your mobile phone.

Expedited orders

We offer free standard shipping on all our orders. If you need your prescriptions or OTC items sooner, you can select expedited shipping, which costs a flat rate of $6.99 per order. Expedited orders should arrive at your home within 1–2 days after they leave our facility.

* The OTC benefit isn’t available for all Humana Pharmacy customers.

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