Frequently asked questions about potential USPS shipping delays


Q: Can I track the shipment of my medicines? 

A: Currently, you can track your medicine shipment on Go to to sign up and find out how easy it is to know your shipment status from the time it leaves our pharmacy to the time it gets to your door. 

Q: What is Humana Pharmacy doing to ensure my medicines will get to me in time?

A: We’re in constant conversation with our postal contacts to ensure prescription delivery remains a top priority. Additionally, Humana Pharmacy is adding more staff for a faster turnaround time and is pre-sorting packages for USPS, which expedites delivery. Our goal is to make sure you get your prescriptions quicker, so you never have to worry about missing your medicines. 

Q: What is Humana Pharmacy doing to ensure my refills are filled on time and not late?

A: Refills typically take 5 – 7 business days. During this time of delivery uncertainty, Humana Pharmacy will notify you to refill your prescriptions earlier than normal. We are encouraging all customers to refill early, when they receive the reminder, to make sure they never run out of their medicine. 

Q: What other options do I have to get my medicines outside of USPS? 

A: Humana Pharmacy allows its customers to have medicines shipped via UPS 2-Day for an additional $6.99 (normal prescription processing times apply). To change your delivery option to UPS, go to HumanaPharmacy.comand you can easily update your profile.

Q: What happens if my medicines are returned? 

A: If your medicines are returned or significantly delayed during shipping, we will reship them to you via UPS 2-Day Air at no additional cost. 

Q: Will any delays affect the quality of my medicines? 

A: Most medicines are not impacted by weather such as heat or cold. However, in the case medicines have special temperature requirements, Humana Pharmacy will ship them in thermally regulated cold cases either Next Day Air or 2-Day Air; that way, the quality of your medicines will never be compromised. 

Q: Are specialty medicines affected by the USPS delays? 

A: No, specialty medicines are always shipped via UPS with appropriate packaging to ensure safety.

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