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Have you set your Humana Pharmacy® preferences? You can make sure that we contact you the way you want, that you have the right kind of pill bottle cap style, tell us if you want to be notified when a medicine has an expensive copay, and more. 

To set up or change these preferences, simply sign in to your secure account. Then, select “Preferences” from the “My Account” drop-down menu on the top-left side of the page. 

Please note that these settings are for traditional and maintenance medications from Humana Pharmacy only. These preferences do not apply to specialty medicines, plan information, or notifications about prescription drug coverage.

Communication preferences 

When it comes to your prescriptions, there are a number of things we can keep you informed of, including: 

  • Refill reminders 
  • Order updates 
  • Order delays 
  • Important health and safety information

If you’d like to receive messages from Humana Pharmacy regarding any of the above information, we can contact you either by phone, text message or email. 

From the Preferences page, confirm your phone number and email address. In the next section, if you’d like us to contact you by text message, select yes to enable text notifications. We’ll ask you to verify your mobile number by sending you a confirmation code. Enter the code you received via text message and you’ll start receiving refill reminders and order updates by text message. Remember, your mobile carrier’s standard text messaging rates may still apply to these messages. 

Further down the page, you can choose whether you’d like to receive refill reminders, order updates, order delay notifications, and important health and prescription information by phone or by email. If you selected the text option, that will be your primary communication channel, and phone calls or email will be your backup method. It may take up to 72 hours for these preferences to update in our systems. Whenever possible, Humana Pharmacy will contact you by your preferred method. However, you may continue to receive some communications by mail or by phone call depending on the nature of the communication.

Including medicine names in communications 

To protect your privacy, we don’t include medicine names in emails without your permission. However, if you’d like to see the names of relevant medicines in our emails to you, you can tell us so on your Preferences page. Please note that if you select “Yes” here, this means the names of any of your medicines will display in your emails, including medicines used to treat sensitive conditions. You should also understand that your email account is an unsecure communication channel and that your private health information may be at risk of being accessed by third parties while being sent and/or while being stored in your email account.

Other preferences

Bottle cap preference: You can also tell us if you want easy-open or child-proof bottle caps on your prescription bottles. This preference will apply to all of your prescription bottles, including controlled substances and potentially dangerous medicines. 

High copay alerts: We can inform you if a copay for a prescription is over a certain amount. By default, we will notify you if a copay is $250 or more for a prescription, but we can notify you of copays as low as $30 if you prefer. Please note that if you receive a high copay alert, you must approve immediately or your order may be delayed. This preference does not apply to specialty medicines. We will always contact you regarding specialty medicine orders. 

Get started by setting your preferences now.

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