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See what’s new and improved

A better OTC shopping experience

We’ve made some updates to the OTC store that we think you’ll like:

  • Search is now easier than ever: find items by product name, number or category

  • View all products from the main page: find what you’re looking for faster

  • It’s quicker and easier to add items to your cart and check out

We want you to be ready for cold and flu season

If your Humana plan includes an over-the-counter (OTC) allowance, use it to order cough drops, decongestants, pain relievers and more.

Ordering your OTC products



Sign in to and select “Over-the-Counter (OTC) Supplies” from the “Shop OTC & Supplies” drop-down menu at the top of the page.



Order your over-the-counter (OTC) products directly from your mobile device, whenever and wherever you’d like with the Humana Pharmacy® mobile app.


Mail & Fax

Fill out the Health and Wellness Products Order Form and mail only the order form pages to:

Humana Pharmacy
P.O Box 1197
Cincinnati, OH 45201-1197

or fax only the order form pages to:

How do I use the OTC benefit allowance?

1. See if your plan offers an OTC benefit

Not all plans include an OTC allowance. If your current plan includes the OTC allowance, you’ll see an OTC credit at the top of the page when you sign in to This credit is the amount you are given per period to use toward OTC products.

2. Order your OTC products

You can order OTC products online through your account, by downloading the Humana Pharmacy Mobile app, or by mailing or faxing the completed Health and Wellness Products Order Form.

Your order total will automatically be deducted from your current OTC allowance balance. The updated balance will display at the top-right side of the page. Your balance is only valid during each allowance period. It does not accumulate or roll over to the next period.

3. Enjoy free shipping

After your order processes, your items will be sent with free standard shipping and arrive in 10–14 days. Some orders may be split into multiple shipments.

If you have additional questions about what your Humana plan covers, please refer to your Evidence of Coverage document.

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Available OTC products

The OTC store has a range of products, including:

The complete OTC product catalog

This catalog will show you the full range of available OTC products you can order. Keep this catalog with your other important documents.
View catalog

How do I keep track of my OTC credit balance?

Don’t worry, we’ll keep track of it for you! Your OTC credit balance will display in the top-right corner of the page when you sign in. This balance will update once your purchases are submitted.

What if my order total is more than my OTC allowance?

If your order exceeds your allowance, you are responsible for payment of any remaining balance due. Your order total may also include sales tax. Remember, your allowance renews each period and does not accumulate or roll over to the next allowance period.

Failure to submit full payment for any balance due may result in some items being cancelled from your order. We will ship any items that are covered by your current balance.

Health and Wellness benefit shown on

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How do I pay for my OTC products?

You will only have to pay for your OTC products if you exceed your allowance. If you order online or by fax, please pay by credit card. If you order by mail, please include payment for any additional balance due in the form of a check or money order. Sales tax may apply if your order total is higher than your OTC allowance.

Humana Pharmacy reserves the right to limit the quantities of over-the-counter medications and supplies dispensed per order. Please check with your provider before taking over-the-counter medications.