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Your pharmacy on the go

Download the Humana Pharmacy® app and your pharmacy can be as mobile as you are. Get the app today from the App Store or Google PlayTM!

Our pharmacy on your phone!

Live your mobile lifestyle with the Humana Pharmacy app.

Scan to refill

Scan your prescription bottle
to easily refill your script.

Medication reminders

You'll receive medication and refill
reminders, notifications and offers—get
it all when you go mobile.

Confirm and track

View your order status,
approve payments and track your
shipments from your phone.


Manage your medications on your wrist

Humana Pharmacy's Apple Watch app can help you fill your prescriptions and manage your meds.

You can also access the video on our YouTube Channel.

*Visual representation of product is intended for marketing purposes only and might vary slightly due to app upgrades and design.