Jan 05, 2017

Ask your doctor about the tests and checks you need to take care of your body. Here are 10 of the most common health screenings for both men and women. As always, follow your doctor’s advice on which tests to take, and how often to take them.

1. Cholesterol Screening/Lipid Profile – Start screenings at age 20, and every 5 years afterward.

2. Blood Pressure – Check at least once a year, from childhood onward.

3. Diabetes Screening – Have one every year after age 45; be screened earlier and more often depending on risk factors.

4. Bone Density Test – Get one every 5 years starting at age 65, or sooner and more often based on risk factors.

5. Colon Cancer Screening – Plan to have a colonoscopy at age 50, and every 10 years after. If you have symptoms or risk factors, your doctor may recommend you have a colonoscopy more frequently.

6. Eye Exams and Vision Screening – Start at age 18, and then get checked every 1 to 3 years after, or more frequently if you have diabetes.

7. Hearing Test – Every 10 years for adults up to age 50, and every 3 years afterward.

8. Skin Cancer Screening – You can start at any age, and do this check yourself. Just look carefully at your skin each month for new mole growth or changes to moles you already have. If you see something that makes you wonder, have it checked out.

9. Vitamin D Test – Many people, men and women both, have low levels of vitamin D. This is a problem, since vitamin D helps protect against cancer, infection, and weakening of the bones. This bone weakness – osteoporosis – is common in both men and women, and a major cause of related health problems. The vitamin D screening is a simple blood test, and is recommended by doctors for people over 40, and yearly after age 45.1,2

10. Dental Exam – Yes, a dental exam. Gum, tooth, and mouth health is linked to physical health. See your dentist once a year for cleaning and a checkup.3


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