Apr 08, 2017

It can be tricky to know what stage your pharmacy order is in once it’s been placed. To make things easier, we’ve updated our order status messages to make it clearer where your order is in the fulfillment process, with short and long descriptions, plus imagery showing each step of the process. 


Start a new prescription

First thing to know when starting a new prescription is that you’re actually making a “request” for Humana Pharmacy® to obtain a new prescription from your doctor. Hence, we call this first step a request.

A request is not the same thing as an order. A request is the preparation stage to create an order. During this time, we contact your doctor to request the prescription, and once we receive the prescription, the request then becomes an order.

Requests only apply when starting a new prescription. When you place an order for a refill of a prescription that has refills available, there’s no need for Humana Pharmacy to contact your doctor. It becomes an order right away and is immediately processed. This also applies to automatic refills.* 


From processing order to shipped

You can start tracking your order by going to the “Orders” tab from the home page and selecting the order number. You’ll be taken to the order detail page, where you'll see status updates with visual icons highlighting each step of the process.

Here’s a brief overview of what each step means:   

Processing Order: Your order is in process of being filled.
Pharmacist Review: We have 2 pharmacists checking your prescription for accuracy. During this time, we’ll reach out to you or your doctor if we find any issues.
Processing Payment: Pricing has been finalized and we’re processing any charges or copays. 
Finalizing Order: We do one final check to make sure your order is accurate before it’s complete.
Order Shipped: Your order has been shipped and you should receive it soon.


Tracking shipments

Once your order has shipped, you’ll notice a new  progress bar showing the date of your shipment and estimated delivery date. You’ll also see the current location of your package and the option to go to the tracking website for more details. This makes it easy to track your shipments so you get your medicine on time.

*Due to CMS regulations, Medicare members are not eligible for automatic refills.